I went to a Red Tent session the other day.

We did some stuff, and also some other stuff. It was great.

Then we did a drumming circle and were told to imagine going to our labia, into our vagina and through our cervix into our womb.  At any point there might be some information for us, we could stop at different points and ask if there was anything that needed to be communicated.  Once in the womb we were to ask a question that we had thought of before we went in, it could be specific to a problem we are having now, or it could be a ‘please show me what I most need to know right now’ kind of request.

I’m not going to tell you all of it right now, but here’s a bit of it.

In my womb was the whole universe.  Ancient old rocks, gnarled tree roots that had been there so long they had turned to rock themselves.  Vast empty space.  Galaxies, solar systems, planets, all so far apart that they might as well be utterly alone.

But then Elon Musk was there with Fred Astaire long legs dancing across the distances.   My conversations with him are a whole other story too.

The point is though, that our uteri are amazing.  Life comes from nothing, practically nothing.  It starts in there, in a vast empty space, with cells that know nothing about the rest of the human world, or the of the vast amounts of space past the atmosphere that makes the human world inhabitable.  These cells do their thing, they expand exponentially.  They don’t worry about sustainability or the limited resources of a limited planet. They just keep growing a splitting and growing and each one becomes something specific and different to its neighbours and that is absolutely the right thing to do, because one will become a liver and the other an inner ear bone.  And they become so big and so complex that they just have to bust out of that old dark warm safe universe, and they emerge into the light.  Down a dark tunnel and it hurts and it is not easy for the Great Mother either, let me tell you.  They don’t know where they are going and they don’t recognise each other any more, but they all know their purpose.  One of them has to be rigid and bear great weight, some of them have to pump and pump and pump every day for forever, some of them flow endlessly around the great body and share what they have wherever they go.  Some of them are cleaners, some of them are emergency workers, some of them sit there and don’t do much of anything at all, until that time that food is scarce and suddenly they know what to do, what their purpose is and they might just save the day.

OK, so that didn’t all happen in the Red Tent drumming, it happened just then.  But I like it.

What I was getting at originally and just then is that  the further in I went the further out I got and they were the same.  We are made of star dust and star dust is made of us.



image from: https://au.pinterest.com/mamaspike/the-laramie-project-design/