A spark is lit, it speeds along its path, till it burrows deep into the casing.

We start small, as an egg, then an egg with some alien DNA burrowing in deep.  We co-habit so hard we merge, mingle and become a zygote.

We burst into life, grow and grow and and grow, expanding out in every direction.  We are light.  We are flame.  We are big noise.  We are dazzling.

We are transient.

We don’t go back the way we came, we don’t shrink and shrink and shrink until we are back in the womb, or the cardboard box we came from the store in.


We start to sink, fade, we stop growing outwards and start to let gravity have its relentless way.  We loose light, sometimes fast, sometimes slow.  And we fall to earth, dis-integrate.



image from: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/the-moment-of-conception-scientists-isolate-protein-that-governs-first-contact-between-egg-and-sperm-9265346.html